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also known as the article that says the iPhone 4 algorithm is to blame.

lets pull out the juicy tid-bits shall we?

Apple's explanation is that the iPhone—including 3G and 3GS—has always displayed too many bars given a certain level of signal strength

so they are saying they allowed the phone to display more bars than it's supposed to. why? well that's actually because they changed the algorithm back in 2008 to purposely show more bars where there wasn't supposed to be bars

"Upon investigation, we were stunned to find that the formula we use to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display is totally wrong. Our formula, in many instances, mistakenly displays 2 more bars than it should for a given signal strength," wrote Apple

Time for some math. five bars minus two equals three. a three out of five reception equals 60% reception strength for most everyone that has five bars. You know, a 60 out of 100 in school is a D. A D letter grade is what Apple found acceptable for their phones? WTF?

"Users observing a drop of several bars when they grip their iPhone in a certain way are most likely in an area with very weak signal strength, but they don't know it because we are erroneously displaying 4 or 5 bars. Their big drop in bars is because their high bars were never real in the first place."

Really? so no iPhone user has, technically, ever had five bars for their phone ever?

bleh. whether you have an iFail or not is not the point here. The point is the fact that Apple has purposely been lying to their customers about the signal strength for the phones for nearly two years now and it's only taken a poorly engineered next gen phone for them to remove that lie, only to make it seem like that new iPhone 4 doesn't loose as many bars, since more than likely it'll show only an average of 3 consistently.

And yet another thing to add to my bag of asses that I dislike about Apple.
2nd-Jul-2010 02:25 am - I love this review!
28th-Jun-2010 10:13 pm - what about the loans?
okay, so I called up Wells Fargo last week to apply for a student loan through them. They said over the phone, after a bunch of other questions, that I failed to meet the criteria for getting a loan through them, they said this after I replied that I have absolute zero income for anything and that i'm living off of loans through school. Well they also said they would send me a reason through the mail telling me as to exactly why I could not get a loan through them.

Well today I got that piece of mail from them and all it says on the paper, in my condensed version, is them telling me that I failed to meet the criteria for a loan from them and that if I want to know the 'exact' reason as to why I didn't get the loan that I would have to call a different 800 number and request from that number the reason. After requesting this from the 800 number they would then mail to me some papers that should tell me why. The paper work should get to me in aprox. 7-12 business days. Yeah fuck that. I don't need to wait a week just to be told to call someone who will then tell me the exact fucking thing I was told the week before. I can tell right now why a bank that is so far ass backwards as to string their current and future clients around with bullshit phone call and mail loops will not give me a loan. It's because they're too fucking stupid to fill out their paperwork correctly.

I'm hoping to hear a reply from the other bank I applied for a school loan for by tomorrow and I hope I get the damn loan too. As it stands I'll be over the limit on all my accounts by the 7th next month. worse is that rent is due this week and I can't foot the bill. At least I have enough gas in my motorcycle to get me to and from school for this week. next week I'll probably have to drop just cause i can't get to school.

This would all go a lot smoother if the unemployment offices didn't cut my income 3 months ago and then take 2 months for them to finally send me a final notice in the mail saying plainly that I've drained all benefits that I'm entitled to through EDD.
26th-Jun-2010 02:19 pm - ideas for the next college.
i've looked at two close by colleges so far that i'm interested in transferring to within a year. San Jose State is one of them and I'd be aiming for a computer science in programming BS from there. Another place i'm looking at is also Devry college for a BS in Game Programming and simulation degree. Devry seems more geared towards getting me training in what i'm really interested in but i'm still not sure about it. can anyone else think of any good or bad things that my come of me going to Devry instead of a traditional college or university? I know one of the bad things about it is that few credits are transferable to and from Devry should I go there and/or should I decide to not finish my BS there and transfer somewhere else. one of the good things about it is that the class sizes are smaller and because it's a more experimental schooling type it can actually teach with more up to date tools.

still, that leaves me with other schools to check out, if any. which leaves me to ask again. Does anyone know of a state or university college that has a game programming or development field in it within and hopefully around California's Bay Area?
23rd-Jun-2010 10:07 pm - New phone test run analysis
So my phone, the old razor that I got some years back, the antenna died on me just as I was heading down for Califur. No big deal though as thankfully I had money to buy a new phone. So I went to the nearest Verizon store and upgraded to the new Motorola Droid (the version with the slide out keyboard).

over the next couple of weeks i've tested the phone out on many different fields. I've tested it on: battery usage, ease of use, reliability (from "can you hear me now" to "can I connect to the internet now"), and availability of free and good apps.

Battery Usage: So far has been typical of even my Razor though with a slightly less battery life. while my Razor could last at least 3 days when it's mostly just idling, my Droid has lasted for almost 3 days before hitting that low battery point of 20%. On heavy usage such as when I was at Califur using it or even after Califur when I was still playing with it and such the phone would drain about 60% of it's battery for that day. Overall the battery is very good for a average phone user such as myself. Even when I'm using google maps to help track where I need to go on trips for myself or for a friend, the phone itself typically lasts through the second day of being unplugged before needing to be plugged in again, so long as you don't have the display on all the time.

Ease of Use: This is the high point of this phone. want to make a call? just tap on your contacts list widget in the phone or tap on the phone widget to make a call/check past calls and missed calls, and even check your contacts list to see if you have that person's phone number. Text message? Use the built in messenger app or find a new one in the app store, for free. Don't like the touch screen keypad? then use the push out keyboard. Best of all is that this phone comes with a 16gb microSD card already installed in it so you don't have to buy one for it. It also comes with a standard headphone jack. Standard! meaning no phone specific purchases, not even for some connection software to the computer because it connects like a USB flash drive and all your contacts sync up to your google account so there is no need for extra software to be installed on your computer, just another place to sign up for.

Reliability: Just as reliable as my old phone in all the usual places. I can make a call and even though the touch pad is right next to my cheek, the touch pad turns off when you put your head next to it, thankfully. The online data functions are easy to use and so long as I have at least 1 bar and it says i'm in a 3G area, i'll get 3G speeds at least 80% of the time. Anything above one bar and i'm completely fine with any data usage. The only glitch I ran into was yesterday when the GPS would not connect for some reason until (and the phone actually told me to do this) I turned off the phone and turned it back on again. It then worked fine once more.

availability of good free apps: Also known as "can I find that app that has the features i want to use in the app store without having to pay for it?" The answer is good. I managed to find many of the better free apps right off the bat. Droid Light, Advanced task killer, battery info app, twitter agent, aim, skype mobile, even Dropbox is available on the droid which would allow me to upload and download from Dropbox and even to get public links and send them to other people. With the help of Frost Bight I managed to find Handsent SMS which allows me to more easily follow and edit my text messages. As for the many other free apps to choose from there's tons of quite good ones out there though unless you know the name of a specific app it'll be hard to find it because the typical search starts out with the highest rated ones on top, which can be some really crappy apps because of the ratings system.

Overall this phone is a keeper. Having everything I needed it for and adding in new features that I didn't have that just work, this phone is great. The price tag is still a bit steep but i'll be getting $100 back from the mail in rebate, hopefully.
22nd-Jun-2010 02:55 pm - pixelated geekery.
so this Paul Robertson guy, he's done some crazy pixel animations that I've found to be awesome. some of those animations include Pirate Baby's Cabana Street Fight 2006, and Kings of Power 4 Billion %. Some of his latest animations are much shorter than the first two and include: The Magic Touch, Do The Whirlwind and one of my most demented and depressing favorites, Devil Eyes.

seeing only his first two animations long ago I had thought why doesn't this guy make a game with this art style. Well, he did. Not sure when it's due out but this looks like another game I'll just have to get.
16th-Jun-2010 01:01 am - yet another reason to hate AT&T
But this reason is just reaffirming my disgust towards Apple.
as read here. AT&T blocks non-market Apps from Android phones on their network. While some may think this is great, it isn't. This means that programmers looking to test their programs on their android phone will not be able to unless they submit it to the market, which in turn adds on extra development time to their program. This also means that programs that are available through other web services will not be able to be installed on the AT&T phones such as the XM Satellite Radio app for the android.

The one and only reason that this is happening, from what I've heard so far, is that this is to help stop the pirating of pay apps. ugh, once again the word "pirating" comes into play when some dumb company wants to squeeze even more money out of their paying customers.
14th-Jun-2010 02:25 am - photo and video links
Cabby plays with some mounds

Dug collar in action

Califur 2010

I also have some extra pictures of people that won't be posted there as they instead go to the people that I took the photo from.
10th-Jun-2010 04:11 am - school grades just in.
finally got all the grades in for my previous semister.

Anthropology on magic, witchcraft, and religion: B.
Political science (honors): B.
computer programming in C++: A.
Math intermediate algebra (online class): C.

i'm never taking another online class just because of the shoddy, piss poor system that I had to use for the math class. next semister i'll have to be going to school every day now just to get a math class done that is transferable to another school. Ah well, least I passed that damn math final (since the final grade was the grade for the entire class).
2nd-Jun-2010 01:43 pm - tons of information here.
here's two clips I found with the help of youtube showing them to me through my friends' favs.

and also:
30th-May-2010 01:00 am - cons
hit up BayCon Saturday. Most likely will be hitting it up Sunday as well. Been a fun ride so far.
25th-May-2010 05:21 am - supposed to be studying...
not staying up late finding damn good sites. Like this one here called Kickstarter

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors.

We believe that...

• A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide.
• A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement.

Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.

This is very interesting. Much more so to me after reading a journal post elsewhere on FA about piracy, copying, and big businesses wasting money and blaming everyone other than themselves for the loss.

One interesting find on there is this.

the little preview movie that they have up there has a gay, Christian evangelical preacher talking a bit about his life before moving on to another story. Totally blew my mind.
23rd-May-2010 07:36 pm - what failure is this travesty?
evil karadur
Texas OKs school textbook changes

many of these changes are in favor of evangelical Christian ideologies and include:

replace Thomas Jefferson as an example of an influential political philosopher in a world history class. They also required students to evaluate efforts by global organizations such as the United Nations to undermine U.S. sovereignty.

strengthened requirements on teaching the Judeo-Christian influences of the nation's Founding Fathers and required that the U.S. government be referred to as a "constitutional republic," rather than "democratic.

Some failed changes include:

having the president called by his full name "Barack Hussein Obama"

attempt to rename the slave trade as the "Atlantic Triangular Trade"

Republican board member, David Bradley even said in a general statement that people who didn't like this political process can, "go find yourself a benevolent dictator."

video at abc news

ABC news: http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/texas-textbook-controversy-10714896
MSNBC news: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/37271857/ns/us_news-life/

And here I am in finals week with my last paper I have to write for Anthropology on magic, witchcraft, and religion asks the question: examine religion in contemporary society. What is the relationship between religion and politics? Are these cultural aspects inherently linked, or are they independent of each other?

seems I've got a good answer now, even if it does mean the ideological brainwashing of many Texas, if not more, students for the next 10 years or more.

one more thing: http://liveshots.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/05/21/obamas-middle-name-ignites-textbook-battle/

from fox news, a more conservative/Republican biased news station.

David Bradley, a white businessman from Beaumont, motioned that the president’s legal name should be used, Barack Hussein Obama. “I think we give him the full honor and privilege of his full name.”

“I am getting pretty fed up with this,” said Democrat Mary Helen Berlanger. “You don’t have to be derogatory. We don’t always put in Jefferson in William Jefferson Clinton.”

“The intent behind what you are doing I think is pretty obvious,” said Republican Bob Craig.

"This is our first black president," said board member Mavis Knight, who is black. "You are making it sound humiliating.”

“I ask the member to withdraw the motion and move forward in a dignified manner," said Democrat Rick Agusto.

Bradley did, but said under his breath, he did so, “to put an end to the whining.”

Knight shot back, “I don’t consider it whining.”

To me this sounds like a bunch of school children bickering to each other. How is it these people get to decide what parts of history gets told and how it gets told for general education? What happened to paying people with PhD.s in their fields to help create the next textbook?
Indie Game: The Movie

"My grandma was always extremely supportive..."

full story here

looking at the realist side, is there a possibility that more children can become even a percentage of what this child has become if those other children are growing up in a very supportive and comfortable environment?

Looking at a religious side, would some religions use this as a way to reaffirm their religious ideology and to legitimize their religion even more so, like for example Buddhism and the reincarnation?
14th-May-2010 09:32 pm - sex education for you
curious and cute staring
some information on Intercrural intercourse also known as sex between another person's thighs.

I learned of this last year in the college sex-ed class i took and tried looking for it afterwards but couldn't find it. now I have.
10th-May-2010 05:37 pm - Indie games and brute force bots
Karadur bold
so lets start out with the good. I hadn't noticed this little thing going on until today and thankfully I did. over at Wolfire a indie game company that created the indie game Lugaru has teamed up with other indie game companies and with Childs Play Charity to offer five six games now for whatever price you want to put down. all the money put down will go to what charity you wish to donate to. No middle man, no DRM, all for charity. only thing is that this deal ends in less than 20 hours (it had been going on for a week now) so get one for yourself or get one as a gift to a friend or child and let them enjoy some cool indie games.

now for the second part. after donating for this little package i decided to actually tweet this. After doing so i noticed that at some point some bot had managed to crack my password on my twitter and was spewing some spam bullshit out with links that would catch a bunch of browser information from anyone clicking on the link so that this information could then be used by another bot for sale of usernames, email accounts, and other such information that gets those lovely spam messages in your email or note section of your accounts saying "enlarge your body parts now! cl1k3 to l3arn more!*!!" or some other shit. I changed my password on my twitter and any associating accounts because of that but I'm still pissed that it is so much easier for some random web crawling bot to find me and learn my email, user name, and password then it is for me to even find a friend who uses twitter using the online fucking service.

to that i say fuck you to all those anti-social networking sites. I've hated them with a passion before because of how they make so many people less social than before (team that with a typical furry and you get a strong case of relative reality crap happening) but now with these sites making it easy for bots to stroll through and collect whatever information it can get its grubby little digital claws on makes me a strong advocate of just talking to people in person. A phone call is also nice though a little less social and in many cases done to push a persons boredom onto the other person answering. A text message is even less social but can be a helpful reminder to someone for something. Yet when you bypass all three of those methods of personal, phone, and text then turn your thoughts into little 140 character long speeches you have just turned that long and possibly intellectual conversation with someone into a disgusting blob of letters that may or may not look something like:

@somebody: that made me laugh and i feel the same way.

Seriously, what the fuck is this shit? The only thing I'm grateful for now is the fact that my keyboard covers most of my desk so instead of doing a hardcore facedesk I instead have a nice print on my forehead for some keyboard keys since instead I did a nice facekeyboard.

-Dragon out.
I just now got around to uploading the pictures I took months ago at the Game Developers Conference 2010 and of Leo's party afterwards.

leos party 20100313

evil karadur
From motorcycle stab damage 20100425

though not completely stupid with it. I saw this damage done to my motorcycle the day after a friends birthday party where there was lots of drinking and fun happening. Having stayed the night there to get rid of the alcohol in my system I saw that someone took a knife to the back of my seat and also tried to stab both the front and back tires on my motorcycle.

From motorcycle stab damage 20100425

thankfully the tires didn't take any serious damage and the cuts were barely a dime's edge deep but it just pisses me off that someone, most likely who was drunk at the time of leaving this party, would just vandalize someones property like this.

Rather than buying another seat I instead bought a $20 vinyl repair kit at autozone and used that to patch the two cuts on the seat up. The end result is something that looks a bit shitty, mostly because i've never done vinyl repairs before, but it is at least sealed up once more so I won't have to worry about water getting inside. plus it is elastic just like the surrounding area so it won't break or crack from normal use.

Now I have no definitive evidence on who did this but I do know that it had to of been someone at the party that had done it since the bike was parked off the street and behind a large truck in the house owner's driveway. I have a theory on who exactly it was as there was only one person at the party that wholeheartedly dislikes me, even hates me, but once again i have no witnesses. hopefully I can get more information in the next couple of days.
from this article here.

Quote: Snuggies For Those Creepy Homogays That Like to Dress Up as Fuzzy Animals and Do Immoral Acts

.... haaaaah!!!

what makes this person an idiot isn't from how they type through fear but from one simple italic description further down in that article where they show a picture of Hermione from the well known series Harry Potter, which is very evil to Christian fundamentalists as it promotes warlocks and "warlocks are enemies of god... and had it been in the Old Testament Harry Potter would have been put to death!" (watch Jesus Camp to hear that quote, which is said at about 33:50 of that video), and say, "Snuggies for Devil-Worshipping Witches from the Evil Harry Potter Series Created by John Kevin Rowling."

John Kevin? I thought J.K. Rowling was just a pen name and it was originally "Joanne Rowling." Seriously people this is why you need to stay in school and go to college, so that you can understand how the strongly right winged wish to change history, amongst other things, for their own personal agenda.
21st-Apr-2010 03:46 am - games as art are talks of the past
Karadur bold
having heard about Ebert, that old movie critic, blogging about how games are not an art and seeing the replies to that only reaffirm my perception of games. The three good references to this story start with Ebert, bounce off of Tycho from Penny Arcade, then ends with the original person Ebert mainly critiqued upon, Kellee Santiago.

18th-Apr-2010 03:53 pm - 48 hour game competition.
curious and cute staring
Oral History of Gaming: Game Godfather Sid Meier and the 48-Hour Game

this provided some nice information to me about game design and information in the game field.

"I think game design is a art" ~ Sid Meier
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