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The pains of another school session 
12th-May-2011 04:03 pm
yes session, as in two sessions in a semester where each session is 8 weeks. Anyways, this session, which i'm just ending the 2nd week of, is already going kinda lousy. I'll have to pick up the slack for the rest of the weeks. This session I have Practical game design online and discrete mathematics. Both of which are alright but I'm still having those early weeks trouble.

For the game design class we have to do some game design documents, something i've never ever done before, and this class doesn't teach you how to do them, just expects you to know how to do them. Bad, bad fucking really bad there. So instead of having to spend my time doing what the class needs me to do I have to instead learn how to write these documents out and then write out a ton of them for the first and second week. Second, I have then submit a document on a game I want to design and make for this class in Game Maker 8. I should have that done soon enough.

Discrete math, on the other hand, is going no where fast. The book needed for the class is bloody expensive at the school, about $250 new, $140 used, or try their 'rental' program where you pay the money to use it for the class then return it to book store afterwards. Sounds good if only it wasn't $79 for that. Instead I searched through Amazon online and found a used one for $50 from a third party vendor with good rating. Bad move there, the vendor sent the wrong book and it took them over a week to get it to me. Least I got a full refund for it but it also means I had to look elsewhere for the book and thus went to Amazon directly and bought it used from them for $70. I 'should' get that book on saturday. If I don't then I just lost a whole grade point from my math class.
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