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A Dragons Hoard
of hopefully not so useless information
still selling stuff, still getting on with life 
23rd-Dec-2010 03:25 am
still selling off my Honda Rebel 250 with some damage that needs to be fixed like new pegs and new rear brake pedal but still runs perfectly, asking $500 or less. Also selling off the headlight strobe separately and the tail light brake repeater at half off retail.

New thing i'm selling off is two high end Nvidia GTX 470 graphics cards at $225 each.
Also selling off a 1000w power supply for them at $150 which is made by Cougar.

Getting on with life. I passed my last two college classes, computer applications for business (A+) and Physics (B). Physics was a pain in the ass but I somehow got a B out of it, that made me so happy. so i'm between semesters with the next one starting up a week into Jan i think. Either way i'll be playing a bunch of catch up on games i bought during the tons and tons of Steam game sales from November and going on even now. Though mostly i'll be kicking back and relaxing till next semester starts then it's back to studying.

Christmas is so close and i'll be heading up, after getting some sleep, to my friend's place to spend some time and party with him and some friends before staying with my mom for Christmas.

So far so good, now back to play.
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