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A Dragons Hoard
of hopefully not so useless information
so this past week. 
25th-Nov-2010 09:11 pm
was amazing though not without a bunch of crap filling my life months beforehand. So the pains I was having for the past few months was mainly from the fact that I had little to no money to pay for anything. for the most part I was just barely passing through the months and paying for rent and food but I always had to pay late, nearly 2 months late, for my bills. Finally I caught a break by getting some contract work with the census which helped keep me afloat for nearly a month and help pay off my phone and internet bills which were about to get disconnected. mid way through this month i finally get the loan check i applied for 2 months back (Wells Fargo fucking sucks) and a bit of the school loans for my school (extra money that is left over after cost of tuition and such gets placed in my hands). so finally I have a bit of money on hand to buy food, pay bills and relax on that part so I may focus more on what I need to do.

During that time though I managed to hit up two parties in the past few months. One was the Halloween party at Firon's place. that was a fun time spent eating good food and playing games with friends.
Now skip ahead to a week ago and I'm up in Sausalito drinking beers with some awesome people in the gaming industry. I finally met Manny who is an awesome guy i've been playing with on the TF2 Studio Rumble server. Also met another guy i've played with on TF2 and even on League of Legends, Avery. the rest of the people I met there worked in different fields of the industry but all were some great people to talk to and hang out with, even this guy. overall the experience was cool. I just hope the next party or convention I go to I get to hang out with these guys cause they were awesome. here's some photos I took and my videos.

Now it's thanksgiving and i'm bout to chow into some turkey and other good food. I'll be up in Concord for the weekend and i'll be checking out the deals at the stores hoping to see if there is some great deals on computer parts.
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