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The Philosophy of Game Design part 1 of 4 that got me thinking a… 
29th-Sep-2010 06:34 am
The Philosophy of Game Design part 1 of 4

that got me thinking a bit more about game design and made me wonder. If games are moving into a new medium of their own, and constantly changing with the time, then how would the ending to Halo Reach be looked at in this regard? Sure there have been a few games before where the main protagonist of the story would die either because they self sacrificed themselves for some greater good or glory or, in the case of playing the character good or evil and you play them as evil, your character gets killed off (which is still kinda a sacrifice for the greater good). But Spoiler Alert I can't remember any game prior that has the main protagonist, you, get placed in a fight against overwhelming odds with absolutely no chance of winning and when you finally loose all you're health they skip to the cut scene where they have the hordes of enemies come up and brutally kill off the character (they even have a narrative afterward to cement the fact that this character is dead and in no way is ever going to come back). Is this showing that the industry is slowing moving towards stronger story with better character development in order to provide more depth to that universe that the player is playing in? Also is killing off the main character going to happen more often but also in more cliche ways? ah questions questions.
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