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A Dragons Hoard
of hopefully not so useless information
a good idea for those textile manipulators out there. 
26th-Jul-2010 07:30 pm
enter the spirit hood. I saw this thing while at comic con. actually I saw a couple of these and I tried twice to win one in a raffle. I'm not sure what it is about these but the raffles here drew the largest crowd out of the entire con (excluding the big name signings. Now this seems like an untapped market for furries. All someone would need to do is start making some generic ones for sale at conventions and/or offer personal hoodies for more. Hell I'd buy one if there was a dragon hoodie made of my character.

Besides that, I had fun at Comic con though I'm probably not going to another for quite a while. The cost I paid for the ticket at last years comic con was $100 for 4 days, next year is even higher and I still don't have much money to do anything with currently. I'm thankful I managed to drive my butt down here and have my friend help put me up in his house for room and board and also get a free night at a hotel at comic con (since I only went 2 days). Though for my time at Comic con, even though I enjoyed it, I never attended any panels. Now a days it's almost impossible to attend a panel unless you wait in line for half the day, which most of the people did for the bigger panels. I spent the 2 days I was there in the main hall looking at the many different booths there selling stuff and found only one thing worthy of buying which was on a $5 special for comic con instead of the typical $20. The book I bought was Flight from image comics and is something I'd recommend for people to pick up. For many of the other items I got they were from freebies from many different places. I picked up a few posters that I'd put up in my room, a few comics, some inflatable toys and a few shirts for free. Could of gotten more but walking around for hours upon hours straight was incredibly tiring.

In any case I took many pictures and have all the pictures I took uploaded here in my picasa albums. The videos I took I uploaded to my youtube page and linked those previously.
27th-Jul-2010 06:50 am (UTC)
I haven't been to comic con in like 6 years, but even back then, it was getting too big. It stopped being fun when you had to chose to either wait in line for 12 hours, or not DO ANYTHING. I doubt I will be going back any time soon.
Plus, the whole comic book aspect of it is basically gone, it's all about movies and video games and other bull shit now!
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